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What Does My Order Status Mean?

Updated 11:26 pm CST   |   Aug 02, 2010
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ineSun Order Status

Here are all the different order status, and you will find the explanations below:

Pending Orders
Processing Orders
Shipped Orders
Complete Orders

Every time you checkout an order at, an order number is created for you.
If you decide not to pay for an order you've checked out, you don't need to do anything - it will just automatically expire later.


Pending Orders
This means that you have placed an order successfully, but we still have not received your payment.(you may have paid your order by western union or bank transfer, but it will take some time to confirm your payment and update status. Generally we can confirm western union payment in 24 hrs in working days; If you pay by bank transfer, It will be a little slower, normally it will take about 4-7 days to transfer money to our bank account.)

Processing Orders
This means we are processing your order. We are gathering all the products you ordered together and check the quality, making sure they function well.
Shipped Orders
This means we have sent out your order. You will receive an email from ineSun including tracking number and links. You can also log in your account to check it.

Complete Orders
This means your order was delivered successfully, we will stop tracing this order. If there is any after sale issues, please contact our customer service representative for further action.

If we encounter any difficulties while processing your order, we will attempt to contact you via email or phone. You can also contact customer service via our Help Center to get more information.


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