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Can I Trust ineSun?

Updated 01:40 am CST   |   Aug 05, 2010
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If you have any doubts about importing from China, you're right to be cautious. Here's some key information about ineSun to give you more confidence in starting out with your new China Wholesale supplier:

-ineSun Electronics Co, Ltd is an officially registered company at Hong Kong, established in 2002. Goods are shipped to worldwide by air freight and couriers such as DHL and UPS.

What makes ineSun different from other Chinese suppliers?

-Unlike most Chinese export companies, there is no minimum order restriction. You can buy products in any order quantity - even 1 piece samples - from a wide selection of the latest released products. So you can test products and find out about the details of importing from ineSun before you're committed to any large orders;

-You can pay by PayPal, which offers total buyer protection and avoids having to share any of your financial information;

-Drop shippers can send items directly from ineSun to their customers.

-You're supported by friendly English speaking staff before and after placing an order, and you can get full product information and support even before purchasing;

-Your goods are packed carefully, and we will provide any paperwork that's needed for smooth clearance through your country's Customs.

Why you can trust ineSun:

-When you pay for orders on ineSun you do not need to share any of your confidential financial details with ineSun and you're protected by PayPal’s money back guarantees.

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