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Updated 12:54 am CST   |   Aug 05, 2010
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ineSun Vision&Objectives
ineSun is focusing on High-tech industry and product, providing systematical, pertinent and operable professional
solutions.Being a young technological company, we are longing for growing up jointly with customers, and being partnership
with them. ineSun regards only customer's success as her own success.
ineSun Core Values
Being customer oriented, focusing on providing value-add to customer and putting an end to short-term behaviors. Providing feasible solutions in accordance with practical situation. Respect, trust and team work...... Honesty, Sincerity and responsibility is basic requirement of ineSun employees.

ineSun is enterprising......                                    
ineSun Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise that is professionally engaged in digital-monitoring, video frequency communication, wireless transmission, electronic network long-range data transmission, production & marketing of digital products. Meanwhile, it can provide the worldwide customers with the first-class wireless AV transmission equipments.

ineSun Technology Co., Ltd. integrates itself with the top international technique and persistently seeks innovation as to offer various clients the perfect and providing systematical, pertinent and operable professional solutions
ineSun owns much experience and technique accumulation in some related fields with a technique exploitation team which possesses both high efficiency and high quality. They are working hard for establishing an overall professional good service to some certain medium sizes & small enterprises and individuals. Our service includes technique support, plan-design, products developing, after-sale service and guarantee, etc. The selling team in ineSun are full of enthusiasm and responsibility as they consider the clients as their god, and care for the value of the clients. They insist helping the customers to succeed as their own success, and offering them the most beneficial products. To supply our clients with the fastest and the most secure transportation of goods is the first important aim for the marketing team in ineSun.
ineSun has established a partnership with the number of  52,and 12200 professionally registered members in the world. The clients of ineSun in the united States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Spain, Italia, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and so on are enjoying the products and service from ineSun.
ineSun always keeps in touch with the worldwide hi-tech enterprises to pursue the hi-quality products and service. ineSun makes itself maintain a relationship with the clients all over the world, and satisfy the clients' requirements and idea sat any time. Thanks to their help and support, ineSun has developed fast and steadily, and keeps increasing by 12% per year to go forward in the long term. ineSun can offer the worldwide clients abundant and hi-quality goods which have passed the CE/FCC identity in the field of wireless AV transmission equipment. A serious of products such as 0.9G, 1.2G, 2.4G. While in the field of long-range visual communication, ineSun embarks on developing all kinds of categories in practical function. With MPEG4 as its nucleus, ineSun adopts RISC CPU card, and combines with the strong function monitoring soft-ware to make the IP Visual Monitoring system come into being. In the field of network, transmission, digital network, ineSun makes itself renew its technique products, and increase the accumulated service in order to satisfy the different clients in various fields worldwide.
ineSun can offer solution for hospitals, schools, ports, offices, commerce centers, families, etc. It also includes system of visual&digital monitoring, long-range medical treatment, long-range teaching, TV-Phone meeting, broadcasting online, etc. These systems can make the mobile monitoring and communication service personally come true.
ineSun has established a system of ineSun Store & ineSun Form as to offer our products and service to the clients throughout the world in the earliest time In this way, they can enjoy our most beneficial preference and discount, and also we can get the precious feedback and suggestions from our clients across the world. ineSun will offer the clients abundant products, fittings, solutions, technique materials and the latest information continuously. So the clients can both hunt for the technique materials and buy the products they are interested in at the ineSun store conveniently. Meanwhile they can make good use of our service to accomplish the trade quickly and receive their orders. Moreover, they can also state their suggestions and requirements to us in turn.
The clients from different parts of the world can exchange their own information and technique freely in ineSun. Form and get solutions toss solve their problems immediately and correctly. Meanwhile, we sincerely hope that we can get help and good suggestions .Please take it for granted that each comment of yours is welcomed and needed by ineSun .
No matter wherever we come from, please let us develop our free thoughts, peaceful perspective, fair and friendly emotion to show ourselves, and make us become good friends and business fellows to promote our development and success both in trade and friendship.

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